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Q: How much does it cost to book the truck? 
A: There is a fee incurred for the truck to come to your event.  That fee is dependent on where the event is, how long we will be there and how many staff members will be needed to serve your guests. So in short, it varies.  

Q; How much do cupcakes cost?
A: The cupcakes cost $30/dozen.

Q: Why do the cupcakes cost so much? 
A: Trixie uses fresh, gourmet ingredients including European butter and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean products.  

Q: How do I know how many cupcakes to order? 

A: It depends on the type of event you are having, but generally it is safe to figure on 1.5 cupckes per person.  Cupcakes are ordered by the dozen and the minimum order is 3 dozen for the truck to come to your event. 

Q: How many flavors do I get to pick?
A: It depends on how many cupcakes you are ordering total but I generally do not suggest more than 6.  

Q: Do you have gluten-fee or vegan options? 
A: Yes, we offer both upon request. 

Q: What kind of events/parties do you offer?
A: 1. Events with the truck- price will include truck fee and cost of cucpakes, depending on event, additional fees may apply 

2. Kids cupcake decorating parties- these parties are recommended for kids age 6 and up and costs $12 per person.  Each child will get 2 cupcakes to decorate with as little or as much help as necessary and a special treat from Trixie.  
3. Cocktails and Cupcakes for adults age 21 and over.- Cost is $20 per person and each person will go home with 4 different decorated cupcakes.  Trixie does not supply any alcohol and does not condone underage drinking, nor will she participate in an event where there is underage drinking, so please plan your event accordingly.  
4. Catering/set up of food and desserts.  Trixie can deliver and set up food/desserts at your event.  There is a delievery fee depending on location and there is a rental fee if you are using her stands.  

Q: If I want to place an order for cupcakes or catering WITHOUT the truck, how do I do that? 
A: Orders can beplaced online through "Contact Us" or by calling 610-504-9914.  Please allow at least 72 hours notice of your event so we have time to plan accordingly and make you the best product possible.  If ordering a cake please give us at least a week's notice.  If delivery is requested there will be a delivery fee added depending on the location. 

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     I can't say enough wonderful things about Trixie's Treats!  Tracey was very accommodating right from the start! She invited me over to her house to conduct the taste testing for my wedding.  After one bite, I was hooked.  After a few more bites, she was booked…for my wedding reception.  The cupcake flavors were all so unique.  I knew that my guests would love them at the reception and I was right! When the big green Trixie's Truck rolled up, people were amazed! Everyone was curious to try multiple cupcakes since all of the flavors were so original and visually appealing.  How can your curiosity not get the best of you when one of your choices has bacon on top?!! The cupcakes and the truck were definitely the talk of the reception, and it's been a month since our wedding and people are still talking about the cupcakes! I am so excited that I decided to go with this non-traditional option for our reception!  It was money deliciously spent!
 Dr. Jodi Frankelli​
Trixie with beautiful bride, Trina, at her wedding reception at the breathtaking Glasbern Inn of Fogelsville. Trina and Jack opted to have the cupcake truck come during Happy Hour and stay through dinner until the cake was cut and served. Everyone just LOVED having cupcakes before, during and after dinner! Trixie also made the cake so they could still honor the traditinal cake cutting. 
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